Learn V-Ray with Kevin The Dane

Hi, I'm Kevin The Dane and on this channel I'll give you guys tips, tricks and tutorials to help you master 3ds Max and V-Ray.

Right now, I'll focus on making tutorials for V-Ray, Phoenix FD and possibly Corona, now that Chaos Group and Render Legion have merged. So let me know in the comments what you're looking for.

Every now and then I'll post some quick tips about CG, VFX, software, pipeline and workflow. If you guys are interested, I'd like to create a series of scripting tutorials as well, teaching you to use MaxScript in 3ds Max. I'm also doing Q&A videos, so please feel free to ask away :) I know a thing or two about V-Ray

Aside from that, I'll post my personal VFX and film projects as they are done.

I've been working in 3ds Max since I was a kid (2001). I recently finished studying multimedia animation at 3D College, Denmark. As part of the education I had an apprenticeship at an Architectural Visualization company in Aalborg called Dimension Design, where I'm now a 3D generalist and the Technical Director, writing scripts and plugins for 3ds Max.