Mazel Tov!

V-Ray and Corona are joining forces. Congratulations to Chaos Group and Render Legion on the Merger. This big news was announced at the D2 Conference in Vienna, this friday the 25th of August 2017.

I was there, with the Dimension Design team from work, and let’s just say that I’m pretty exited about this merger. I think it is great news!

Why should we care?

For us, end users, this means faster development time, better interaction between materials and one big happy family ­čÖé

I’ll just address a few issues up front, since people keep coming up with these:

First of all: No, Chaos Group won’t kill Corona. Just like autodesk didn’t kill Maya when they bought that in 2005. It’s two different engines, for two different end-users, and merging one into the other will be a lot more work than gain.

Second: The big reason behind the merger is to evolve both engines faster. All the research behind algorithms and techniques will now be shared between the two teams, making both products better, faster. Also a lot of administative work will be saved when merging.

And third: Great news for us is, that switching from one renderer to the other will be a lot easier in the future 😊 Thus giving us more flexibility.

What do you think?

I love this merger, and I don’t see any real downsides to it.

Let me know what you think in the comment section┬á😊


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