V-Ray 3.5 is out now!

A quick review of the new V-Ray 3.5 from Chaos Group. It’s got a lot of new features. Here, I’m mainly interested in the speed of the new Adaptive Lights Algorithm.

The newest installment of VRay 3.5 also includes a new physically accurate reflection model: Glossy Fresnel; and the ability to render nVidia’s MDL materials. They have also chosen to include Anders Langlands’ alSurface shader, a physically plausible, energy-conserving, general-purpose surface shader, that’ll allow for some easy to use SSS (sub surface scattering).

And as something brand new, Chaos Group is now offering Online Licensing for V-Ray. This also means, that it never have been easier to obtain a free 30 day trial


More indepth review of V-Ray 3.5

This is what we did with the scene I used for testing: Suzzallo Library





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