Cast your Gear VR experience to your TV

Virtual Reality have been criticized for being anti-social, and it’s often annoying, that you can’t guide your friends or customers when they are exploring your VR experience. That goes for 360 images and video, as well as for games. Today we’re gonna project the VR experience up on a screen with the Samsung GearVR and Google’s Chromecast. This way, other people can check out our VRay stereo renders on the TV, while we are viewing them in the Gear VR.

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If you wanna learn how to render out stereoscopic VR images, I have a tutorial here.

The chromecast mirroring is a new feature in the latest Oculus App update. According to Oculus, the GearVR is the first Headmounted Device to support Chromecast. So for this to work you need to have an up-to-date version of both your Android OS and the Oculus App.


Galactic Gundown (Free Beta Key)
Learn to render VR images with V-Ray





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