Stereoscopic 360 VR images with V-Ray

Today we will learn how to render out Stereoscopic 360 VR images from V-Ray in 3ds Max, and how to view them on Samsung GearVR. I will show you the two methods, spherical and cube maps. And talk about the pros and cons of each.

I’m currently at school, doing my final exam. A VR architecture project. So these next few weeks are going to revolve around those subjects – as an attempt to keep myself focused.

Quick Guide

Recommended sizes for VR images in GearVR:
Cube 12×1: 15.432 x 1536 (side-by-side)
Spherical: 6144 x 6144 (top-bottom)

If you know a 3D guy or girl, why not share this tutorial with him or her?


Galactic Gundown BETA Key
VR information from ChaosGroup Labs





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